Section 1Any person professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, giving evidence of regeneration, and accepting the Articles of Faith and the Covenant held by this church may, upon baptism and completion of the newcomers orientation, be received into its membership.

Section 2.  Members from other churches of the same faith and order may be received by letter of recommendation and dismissal from their respective churches upon completion of the newcomer’s orientation..

Section 3.  Those who have been scripturally baptized and who accept the view of faith and practice as adopted by this Church may be received by virtue of their experience upon completions of the newcomer’s orientation.

Section 4.  Excluded members may, by a majority vote, be restored to membership of confession of their error and by giving evidence of their repentance.

Section 5.  Where it is deemed expedient, the candidate shall appear before the Pastor and Deacons for advice and instructions before the name is presented for membership.




Section 1.  Active Members:  All those who show their interest in the welfare of the Church and the Kingdom of our Lord by regular attendance and financial support and those who because of sickness or infirmities are unable to attend services or contribute financial support to the work shall be classed as active members.

Section 2.  Non-Resident Members:  All those who live too far removed from the city of Attica to maintain active membership, but who prefer to remain as members and do keep in touch with the Church by keeping the Clerk informed as to their address and making an offering at least once a year for the support of the Church, unless they are dependent, shall be classed as non-resident.

Section 3.  Inactive Members:  All those who do not classify as non-resident members, who without reasonable excuse do not attend the regular service of the Church for a period of six months and all members who fail to communicate with the Church for a period of one year may be placed on an inactive list.  Names of the inactive list shall not be counted in any statistical reports.  Any members on the inactive list shall automatically become active members upon their resumption of regular attendance and financial support.




Section 1.  All members should bring themselves to the realization that we are a part of the body of our Lord Jesus, that we are of the household of Faith, and that in God’s sight we are brothers and sisters.  It is therefore our duty to love each other as such, to love and pray for our Church, and to strive to honor our Lord in all we do, say, or act, bearing in mind that we are epistles of Christ, known and read by men.

Section 2.  Because our Church depends upon the tithes and offerings of our members, we assert our conviction that proportionate giving is a distinct and positive command in the Scriptures (Malachi 3:8-11) and pledge ourselves to a systematic contribution for the support of the Church of such a portion of our income as we believe God requires of us according to the principle laid down in I Corinthians 16:2.




Section 1.     Membership in this Church shall terminate as follows:


                     A.  By granting letters of dismissal to sister Baptist churches.

                     B.  By granting certificates of standing to those members who desire to unite with

                           other evangelical churches.

                     C.  By erasure.  Members who are known to be deceased, or who have joined some

                           other church, and those who request that their names be dropped from the

                           membership may be erased from the roll by action of the Church.

                     D.  By discipline for disorderly walk – by two/thirds vote of the members present after following the Biblical guidelines set forth in Matthew 18:15-17.


Section 2.     Dismissal by letter or certificates of standing shall be subject to the following rules:


                     A.  Requests must be made in writing or in person to the Church and the name

                           of the church with which the members wish to unite must be designated.

                     B.  Applications shall be acted on by the Church, provided the member is in good

                           standing.  If any objections are raised, then the matter shall be referred to the

                           Board of Deacons who shall present in writing a report upon the standing of

                           the applicant, stating their recommendation in the matter.

                     C.  All letters of certificates shall be sent by registered mail to the Pastor or Secretary

                           of the church designated in the application.  Membership shall terminate upon

                           the granting of letter or certificates.  All members who have requested letters or

                           certificates shall be notified at their last known address when and if the same has

                           been granted.




Section 1.     The officers of this Church shall be as follows: Senior Pastor, Pastor, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary to the Treasurer, Superintendent of Sunday School, Assistant to the Superintendent of Sunday School, and Deacons.  All officers of Church and all officers, teachers, and leaders of the Sunday School shall: 

1.  Be faithful to all public services of the Church; 2.  Be loyal to the Church approved program;

3.  Be separate from worldliness.




Section 1.  The standards for the ministry of pastor are set forth in the Word of God in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.  The Senior Pastor and Pastor shall work together in a supportive and unified manner as a pastoral staff.  The Senior Pastor shall be the moderator of the church; he may call the Deacons or the Church together for special meetings to transact business of the Church; he shall devote his time and energies to the welfare of the Church; he shall receive such compensation as the Church may decide, and he shall affirm the Statement of Faith each year.

Section 2.  The Secretary shall keep a complete record of all the official acts of the Church.  He shall affix the Church seal to, and certify all documents upon order of the Church.  He shall keep a complete and accurate registry of the active, inactive, and erased membership.

Section 3.  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all moneys from the Deacons.  He shall keep an accurate account of all such moneys received and disburse them only by approval of the Church.  He shall give a report of the treasury at the regular business meetings of the Church, all of which shall be kept on file.  No designated funds shall be diverted from their purpose, except by vote of the Church.

Section 4.  It shall be the duty of the Assistant Treasurer to serve under the direction of the Treasurer in any or all matters pertaining to the Office of Treasurer.

Section 5.  It shall be the duty of the Deacons, assistant treasurer, or such persons as they designate, to receive all offerings, to count the money together, to keep a record of the same, and to deposit the same to the account of the Church.

Section 6.  The Pastoral staff and Sunday School Superintendent shall have direction of all the Sunday School activities.

Section 7.  The records of all the officers, boards, and committees shall be delivered to the properly elected successor.

Section 8.  The duties of each officer shall be further described according to Appendix A-E, titled “Description of Office.”




Section 1.  The qualifications and description of the ministry of deacon are set forth in the Word of God in Acts 6:1-6 and I Timothy 3:8-13.  It shall be a duty of the Board of Deacons to meet once each month with the Pastoral staff.  In the event of vacating of pastoral leadership, the board of deacons shall nominate and approve by a two thirds vote one deacon to act as moderator of church business. The Pastor and the Board of Deacons shall constitute a standing committee for the purpose of examining questionable applications for membership and to which all matters of discipline shall be referred.  They shall have general supervision of all the departments.  It shall be a duty of the Deacons to seek out such members of the Church who need pecuniary assistance and to use the alms of the Church for their relief, to visit the sick, to prepare and distribute the elements of the Lord’s Supper, to have general supervision of the spiritual interest of the Church, to provide for the Service of Worship, and to cooperate with and assist the Pastoral staff in the performance of their duties. The Board of Deacons shall recommend the Pastor’s renumeration by way of annual review, and all items of Missionary Payments to the Church.  The Board of Deacons shall act in an advisory capacity concerning all matters of Church Business, and in the employing and dismissal of Staff Members. 

Section 2.  As trustees of the church, the deacons only shall exercise the following specific powers:

         a.  To purchase, hold, lease, or otherwise acquire real and personal property on behalf of

         the church, and to take real and personal property by will, gift, or bequest on behalf of the


b.  To sell, convey, alienate, transfer, lease, assign, exchange, or otherwise dispose of and to mortgage, pledge or otherwise encumber real and personal property of the church, to borrow money and incur indebtedness for the purpose and use of the church; to cause to be executed, issued, and delivered for the indebtedness, in the name of the church, promissory notes, bonds, debentures, or other evidence of indebtedness, and to secure repayment by deeds of trust, mortgages, or pledges.

c.  To exercise all powers necessary for the dissolution of the church corporation, if such action is mandated by vote of the church membership.




Section 1.  The Pastor shall be elected for an indefinite term, which shall terminate upon thirty days written notice by either the Pastor or the Church.  The pastorate shall terminate immediately upon the Pastor’s refusal to affirm the Statement of Faith as herein set forth.

Section 2.  Members of the Board of Deacons shall serve a regular term of three years with a limit of two consecutive terms..

Section 3.  All other officers shall service a regular term of one year with a limit of two consecutive terms..



ARTICLE IX – Stewardship Meetings.


Section 1.     Meetings.

                     A.  Sunday Meetings:  The Church shall meet regularly every Lord’s Day for public

                           worship of Almighty God.

                     B.  Prayer Meetings:  The Church shall meet at least once during each week for

                           prayer and thanksgiving.

                     C.  Lord’s Supper Service:  The Church shall observe the ordinance of our Lord’s

                           Supper a minimum of four times each year.

                     D.  Semi-annual Stewardship Meeting:  Regular Stewardship Meetings shall be held by

                           the church twice each year.

                     E.   Special Meetings:  Special meetings may be called by the Moderator, or the Secretary

   shall call such a meeting on written request signed by not less than twenty-five  

   percent of active members.  Notice of such special meetings shall be given from the

   pulpit on the preceding Lord’s Day.

                     F.   The Church shall be given proper notice at least two Sundays before action can

   be taken on any project which involves the expenditure of more than $750  

   unless such project is immediately necessary to maintain the safety, value, and   

   continuation of church property and church ministries.

                     G.  Such notice as outlined above shall be given by the Deacons before the election

                           or dismissal of a pastor.


Section 2.     Quorum.  To transact business at any meeting a quorum shall by fifty active members

                     or five percent of the last known membership.


Section 3.     Voting.

                     A.  Only active members of the Church are eligible to vote on any Church matter.

                     B.  A voice, rising, of show-of-hands vote is binding, except where otherwise provided

                           for, whenever it is apparent that two-thirds of the members present are voting; if

                           more than one-third of the members present do not signify their vote, then a ballot

                           vote shall be taken.  A majority vote shall decide all matters except the expulsion

                           of members (as outlined in Article IV, Section 1), the election of a pastor (which

                           shall be decided by three-fourths ballot vote of the members present), and the vote

                           to amend the Constitution (which shall be as outlined under Article XII, Section 1).


Section 4.     Elections.

                  A.  The annual election of officers, shall be in the month of October of every year.  Only active members of this Church are eligible to nominate and vote.   Written nominations for officers and deacons will be received two weeks prior to each election to allow time for prayerful consideration.   The election shall be by ballot and those receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. In case of a tie, the Deacons shall immediately order a new election by ballot for the office in which the tie shall have occurred.

                     B.  The Pastor shall be elected as provided for in Article VIII, Section 1.  Upon                     removal of a Pastor, the Deacons shall without any unnecessary delay confer             with possible candidates for the office, and from the candidates so conferred with,                        the Deacons shall make their recommendations to the Church.  No election or

                     dismissal of a Pastor shall take place except at a meeting called for that purpose

                     of which public notice has been given by the Board of Deacons at least two

                     previous Sundays.  A three-fourths vote by ballot of the members present shall be

                           necessary to an election of a Pastor and the majority vote of the members present

                           for the removal, due notice having been given on two previous Sundays.





Section 1.     The Pastor of the Church or, in his absence, the Moderator of the Board of Deacons (See Article VII, Section 1) shall act as moderator in all meetings for the transaction of business.

Section 2.     It shall be the duty of the moderator to keep order, state and explain propositions.

Section 3.     He shall cause the meeting to be opened and closed with prayer.

Section 4.     He shall call for the business of the church in the following order:

                     A.  Read the minutes of the previous meeting.

                     B.  Present candidates for membership.

                     C.  Receive letters of dismissal from sister churches.

                     D.  Grant letters of dismissal, or certificates of standing to those requesting them.

                     E.   Hear the reports of Deacons and other unfinished business.

                     F.   New business.

Section 5.     All business proceedings of the Church shall be governed by “Roberts’ Rules of Order.”




Section 1.     This Constitution may be amended by any regular business meeting by a two-thirds vote, provided four weeks notice has been given the Church, except the Statement of Faith, which shall be irrevocable.




revised October, 2005

Proposed revisions, January, 2009